Darian Zigante

Senior Associate

Darian Zigante is a Senior Associate on the WV Investment team, with a focus on deep tech, automation, AI and web3 – spanning a range of sectors including commerce, supply chain and sustainability.

Darian actively supports WV’s portfolio of investments, including Gatik (autonomous driving), Foxtrot (omni-channel retail), Contentful (headless cms), Truvian (point-of-care blood testing diagnostics), Abridge (generative AI for medical notes) and Qui (digital identity).

Prior to joining Wittington Ventures, Darian co-founded multiple startups in the travel and agriculture industries, as well as held various R&D engineering roles at companies like Apple, Formlabs and North (prev. Thalmic Labs). Darian graduated from the University of Waterloo’s Mechatronics Engineering program.

Outside of WV, Darian aims to support early-stage innovation in Canada either through mentorship or board positions at startup organisation like NEXT Canada, or through philanthropy organisations such as Future Sinai.

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