Qasim Mohammad

Qasim Mohammad


Qasim is a Director at Wittington Ventures. He is based in Toronto and leads the commerce practice for the firm. His focus areas are the future of retail and the consumer economy.

Qasim invests in companies throughout North America at all stages of the start-up lifecycle. He is involved with the fund’s investments in companies such as Arcaea Beauty, Foxtrot Market, Gatik AI, among others.

Prior to his role at Wittington Ventures, Qasim was a technology investor at OMERS Ventures. He has also built and held operational roles at various enterprise software companies such as Xtreme Labs and Pivotal Software.

During his spare time, Qasim writes a blog called Fire Ant ( which covers all things related to retail and consumer brands. He is also involved with various philanthropic organisations to help build and sustain Canada’s innovation economy, such as The Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards and NEXT Canada.

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